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L1L2LNA - L1/L2 Low Noise Amplifier

Datasheet: L1L2LNA Drawing

Datasheet: L1L2LNA Military

Datasheet: L1L2LNA Technical

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L1L2LNA - L1/L2 Low Noise Amplifier


GPS Sourceís L1L2LNA low-noise amplifier is a one-output, one-input in-line RF unit. It guards against intermodulation products resulting from signals out-of-band by allowing pre-selection filtering to go before the leading amplification stages.

For the L1L2LNA, there are more options than any comparable product on the market. Applications include amplifying and filtering the GPS signal produced by a passive GPS antenna as well as operations in a crowded RF signal environment demanding high gain.

The product is powered in one of three ways: GPS receiverís antenna voltage output, DC input option, or AC input voltage option. Whatever input power is used, the unit provides DC voltage output for powering an active GPS antenna. When used with a passive antenna, the input can be blocked.


  • Frequency response for GPS L1/L2
  • High pre-selection filtering
  • Outstanding gain
  • Very low noise rating
  • Built according to rigid military standards

Technical Specifications

Frequency range: 1227.6 MHz, 1575.4 MHz
Gain: 40 dB typical for both frequency ranges
Gain flatness: 2 dB maximum
Noise figure: 2.2 dB
Maximum RF input: 10 dBm
Reverse isolation: Out-in minimum 40 dB
Options: Source voltage, output voltage, connectors, ports


The L1L2LNA low-noise amplifier from GPS Source is available through TerrisGPS. Please send us a message by completing the Request Pricing form if you have any question.

Product: L1L2LNA - L1/L2 Low Noise Amplifier
Manufacturer: GPS Source
Category: Accessories > GPS Amplifiers

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Credit: Banner image courtesy of NASA.