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S14WI - 1x4 Wireless GPS Splitter

Datasheet: S14WI Drawing

Datasheet: S14WI Technical

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S14WI - 1x4 Wireless GPS Splitter


The GPS Source S14WI splitter has a rugged design and can be used to monitor the current of the GPS antenna. Users will be notified if the antenna is not working according to the specifications.

The S14WI is highly configurable and supports a wide range of optional features. For example, the DC bias “Pick & Choose” circuit allows it to apply the active antenna DC input to the RF outputs. One DC input will be used to power the antenna and if it fails, the DC bias will change to another DC input automatically so that the antenna will continue to operate.

Users can configure the gain value of the S14WI according to the need of their applications. It also supports an optional GPS filter on the input, which will greatly reduce interference from other sources. Furthermore, The sealed housing of the S14WI allows it to work in rough environments.


  • Highly flexible
  • Rugged and sealed housing
  • Pick & Choose circuit for uninterrupted operation
  • Amplified to offset splitter losses
  • Pole-mount housing
  • Surge protection standard

Technical Specifications

Frequency range: 1.2 GHz – 1.7 GHz
Input/output SWR: 2.0:1
Noise figure: 2 dB
Amp. balance: 1.0 dB
Phase balance: 1.0 degree
Delay: 5 ns
Maximum RF input: 10 dBm
Operating temperature: -40 Celsius to +85 Celsius


The S14WI splitter from GPS Source can be ordered through TerrisGPS. Please feel free to send us your inquiries by filling out the Request Pricing form.

Product: S14WI - 1x4 Wireless GPS Splitter
Manufacturer: GPS Source
Category: Accessories > GPS Splitters and Combiners

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Credit: Banner image courtesy of NASA.