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Septentrio Satellite Navigation Products

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Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV, designs, manufactures, markets and supports high-end dual-frequency GNSS receivers with the best possible performance at a very competitive price.

Development Kits

GNSS Antennas


GNSS Boards

L1 GNSS Receivers Embedded

L1/L2/GLONASS GNSS Receivers Embedded

GNSS Enclosures

L1/L2/GLONASS GNSS Receivers

L1/L2/L5/GLONASS + Heading GNSS Receivers

GPS Software


Septentrio AiRx OEM Receiver Board
Septentrio AsteRx1 HDC Receiver
Septentrio AsteRx1 OEM Receiver Board
Septentrio AsteRx1i HDC Receiver
Septentrio AsteRx1i OEM Receiver Board
Septentrio AsteRxi Receiver
Septentrio GeNeRx1 Receiver
Septentrio PolaNt* Antenna
Septentrio PolaNt* GG Antenna
Septentrio PolaNt* SF Antenna
Septentrio PolaRx2e@ OEM Receiver Board
Septentrio PolaRx2e@ Receiver
Septentrio PolaRx2eH HDC Receiver
Septentrio PolaRx2eH OEM Receiver Board
Septentrio PolaRx3 Receiver
Septentrio PolaRx3e PRO Receiver
Septentrio PolaRx3eG PRO Receiver
Septentrio PolaRx3eTR PRO Receiver
Septentrio PolaRx3G Receiver
Septentrio PolaRx3TR
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