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Septentrio PolaRx2eH HDC Receiver

Datasheet: PolaRx2eH HDC

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Septentrio PolaRx2eH HDC Receiver

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
The replacement product is the Septentrio AsteRx2eH PRO .


The PolaRx2eH OEM receiver from Septentrio Satellite Navigation is an advanced multi-antenna receiver. When connected with two dual-frequency antennas, it provides precise heading and roll or heading and pitch data in such applications as guiding agricultural or construction machines.

The receiver is mounted on a board the size of a Euro card. RTK positioning can be added on the same board to handle highly precise positioning and attitude information.

PolaRx2eH OEM is equipped with 48 hardware channels. These can be used to track satellites in parallel (without antenna multiplexing) on one or two antennas in single or dual-frequency mode. Channels also can track L1 SBAS signals of up to six satellites. The receiver will also calculate antenna positions when they are not fixed.

OEMs can integrate the unit easily, because it comes on a standard board the size of a Euro card. The unit supplies four serial ports and can support a memory card and Ethernet access. Logging control, external signals and/or programmable LEDs are new features.


  • Differential GPS
  • Addresses two antennas simultaneously
  • Heading and roll or heading and pitch information
  • APME and RAIM built in
  • Comes on compact OEM board
  • Built-in RxControl (intuitive GUI)

Technical Specifications

Channels: 48 for parallel GPS and SBAS tracking
Frequency: Dual frequency L1 and L2 code/carrier tracking
Raw data output: Navigation data, SBAS, carrier, code
Antenna calibration: Manual or automatic
Serial ports: 4 RS232bi-directional
LEDs: 6 programmable
Size: 160 x 100 x 13 mm
Weight: 120 g


The PolaRx2eH OEM receiver from Septentrio is available through TerrisGPS. If you would like to learn more about it, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.

Product: Septentrio PolaRx2eH HDC Receiver
Manufacturer: Septentrio Satellite Navigation
Category: GNSS Enclosures > L1/L2 GNSS Receivers

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Credit: Banner image courtesy of NASA.