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Septentrio PolaRx4 PRO

Datasheet: PolaRx4 PRO

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Septentrio PolaRx4 PRO


Septentrio Satellite Navigation’s PolaRx4 PRO GNSS receiver offers outstanding performance. The unit makes it possible for network operators and scientific users to perform high-quality tracking and measuring of all GNSS signals that are available and forthcoming.

This device is designed around the company’s multi-constellation tracking processor GReCo3 and 264 channels assigned to all visible satellites. It accesses all available satellite signals, such as GIOVE-A, GIOVE-B, L1/Ll2l/L2C/L5 GPS and L1/L2 GLONASS. It also supports other BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS signals and ensures operation with all planned GNSS signals.

This series of receivers is a good choice when looking for a base station that is equipped with technology of the future.


  • Differential GPS base station and rover
  • High-quality tracking of all visible signals
  • Interference monitoring and multipath migration
  • Data logging, remote operation and networking
  • RxTools for flexible data manipulation
  • Includes RxControl for intuitive GUI
  • User control of power management
  • Compatible with Reference Station network

Technical Specifications

Hardware channels: 264, including 3 for SBAS (EGNOS, WAAS)
Raw data output: Navigation, carrier, code data
Monitoring: Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)
Multipath technology: A Posteriori Multipath Estimator technique (APME)
Output: Compact and detailed Septentrio Binary format
Output formats: RTCM versions 2.2, 2.3 3.0, 3.1
CMR version 2.0
NMEA version 2.30, up to 10 Hz


The PolaRx4 PRO GNSS receiver from Septentrio is available through TerrisGPS. Please contact us using the Request Pricing form if you would like more information.

Product: Septentrio PolaRx4 PRO
Manufacturer: Septentrio Satellite Navigation
Category: GNSS Enclosures > L1/L2/L5/GLONASS + Heading GNSS Receivers

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Credit: Banner image courtesy of NASA.