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AV37 GNSS Antenna

Trimble AV37 GNSS Aviation Antenna


The Trimble AV37 Aviation Antenna has been designed to support centimeter level accuracy for airborne applications and track SBAS signals all in one compact design.


Product Description


The Trimble AV37 GNSS Aviation Antenna was specifically designed to support airborne applications to the centimeter. It also has the capability to track SBAS signals in this very compact yet functional design and is certified by the FAA for use in aircraft installations.

The low profile fuselage mounting of the Trimble AV37 GNSS Aviation Antenna allows for precise surveying and mapping from the air using high quality GNSS survey grade technology you have come to trust from Trimble.


  • FAA certified
  • Compact
  • Functional design
  • Reduced wind loading
  • Low noise amplification
  • High quality signal tracking
  • High quality tracking in rugged conditions
  • Low power consumption

Technical Specifications

  • Length – 11.9 cm
  • Width – 7.6 cm
  • Height – 2.3 cm
  • Works up to 55,000 feet
  • Low voltage
  • 43 dB signal gain
  • Voltage is 5 V DC up to 15 V DC
  • Frequency tracking for: GLONASS, GPS, SBAS, and Galileo


Trimble is known for their world class GPS technology, with products sold and used in over 141 countries all over the world. Trimble is able to integrate technologies as wide ranging as optical, laser, and GPS with software and services for today’s commercial solutions. The Trimble AV37 Aviation Antenna is now available through TerrisGPS.


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