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BD910 GNSS Receiver Module

Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module

CATEGORIES: L1/GLONASS GNSS Receivers Embedded, Trimble

The Trimble BD910 GNSS receiver module has been designed for applications requiring high accuracy from multiple GNSS constellations in a very small package.


Product Description

BD910 GNSS Receiver Module is Flexibility at its Finest

Many modern day single chip solutions offer a high degree of functionality with almost no flexibility. Through the intuitive design of the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module, Trimble offers not only leading edge technology but an easy to use upgradable device. It is this ability to improve on the fly that makes this appliance the hallmark for RTK positioning capabilities.

Multi-Channel; Multi Constellation Support

In order to realize a 1-2 centimeter accuracy performance window, it is imperative that a firmware technology be able to access multiple satellite stations within the L1 protocol. The Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module does just that. Through the use of multiple constellation protocols such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass, it can maximize satellite resolution for multiple applications.

FDE, RAIM, and SBAS Ensure Signal Integrity

Using these embedded correction protocols it is easy to see why the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module offers the most reliable positioning data in the field. These protocols, using multiple constellations, can determine which satellite to use in data aggregation. In addition SBAS ground stations are used to clarify data positioning in even the most rugged of environments. It is this firmware self-correcting protocols that raises the bar for the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module.

Ethernet, USB, and RS232 Communications Portals

These communications protocols offer access not only to the firmware but give a clean web interface for system configuring. Using a standard web browser the technician has access to system internals that can enhance the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module functionality. With USB 2.0 and RS232 with speeds of up to 115,200 baud, the technician will have virtually unfettered access to the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module through the use of an easy to use software command set.

Hardware to Meet Industry Demands

Simply said, the 41mm x 41mm x 7mm module weighing in at less than 20 grams offers the single most compact solution for any positioning need. In addition, the cutting edge EMI shielding offers signal integrity that is second to none. Combine this with the ease of implementation “drop-in” solder down integration and the technician has the best in hardware incorporation.

Module Upgrade Without the Need for New Hardware

Through the WinFlash utility it is almost transparent the ease at which the firmware is upgraded. Shipped with the latest firmware version the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module is constantly being evaluated for improvements. Every new version of the firmware is easily downloaded and installed using the WinFlash utility. In addition the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module functionality can be customized using password upgrades. It is as simple as turning on and off a function in order to make the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module fit your applications needs.

It is the innovators at Trimble that make the Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver Module the standard with which to measure all other GNSS solutions. Through years of testing and “in the field” assessment Trimble once again has broken the mold for the industry.


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