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BD920 GNSS Receiver Board

Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module

CATEGORIES: L1/L2/GLONASS GNSS Receivers Embedded, Trimble

The Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module has been designed for applications requiring centimeter accuracy in a very small package.


Product Description

The Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module Offers Unparalleled Accuracy

Trimble has been a pioneer in single chip solutions for modern day GNSS applications for many years. With the Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module another step has been taken toward excellence. It is easy to see why Trimble and their products are the hallmark of this growing technology.

L1 and L2 Signal Resolution

Legacy applications using the L1 signal technology offer a high degree of accuracy. Even so, it is the L2 technology that brings home one of the most reliable signal protocols for use in the most rugged of field applications. Through the use of a more modern standard the L2 protocol virtually does away with the need for SBAS signal interruption resolution. The Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module offers both of these standards to enhance their 1-2 centimeter ground resolution.

Communication Protocols Ethernet, USB and RS232

The Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module offers not only legacy communication protocols for in the field use but also brings cutting edge technology. In addition Trimble’s embedded network protocols offer an off the shelf type of interface that makes it virtually effortless to transfer data to and from the station.

Hardware to Meet Industry Demands

The Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module offers ease of integration in any embedded application. With the 41mm x 51mm x 7mm module weighing in at less than 20 grams it is easy to see why most GNSS applications choose Trimble. Realizing the importance of virtually no signal interference from outside sources the BD920 offers a high grade EMI shield for its module. In addition using a “drop-in” solder down philosophy the Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module can easily be integrated into your application.

Upgrade Your Application in a “WinFlash”

One of the largest stumbling blocks in the single solution chip industry is the ability to upgrade the technology. Once on board it is virtually impossible to bring the firmware up to date. Trimble offers a twofold approach to solving this challenge.

WinFlash offers a simple solution to firmware upgrade. Through the use of embedded communications protocols WinFlash offers a seamless answer to upgrading the module firmware. In addition, the firmware design offers a password activated utility switch which can offer more functionality to your application. This in itself offers an innovative manner in which to upgrade your application.

Trimble has for many years been an industry leader in GNSS technology. It is this mindset that has brought them to the pinnacle of perfection. The Trimble BD920 GNSS Receiver Module brings to the forefront all the years of testing and in field use that makes Trimble’s products second to none.


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