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BX982 GNSS Receiver Enclosure

Trimble BX982 GNSS Rugged Receiver Enclosure

CATEGORIES: L1/L2/L5/GLONASS + Heading GNSS Receivers, Trimble

The Trimble BX982 GNSS Rugged Receiver Enclosure is a multi-channel, multi-frequency OEM GNSS receiver which allows OEM's and system integrators to rapidly integrate centimeter level positioning and precise heading into their application.


Product Description


The Trimble BX982 GNSS Rugged Receiver Enclosure hosts a multiple frequency and multiple channel GNSS receiver in a rugged form factor for durability and use in harsh environments.

The simplicity of the Trimble BX982 GNSS Rugged Receiver Enclosure makes for rapid integration and its pinpoint accuracy (down to the centimeter), ensures users have precise heading for various applications.

The Trimble BX982 GNSS Rugged Receiver Enclosure can support GPS L1, L2, L5 as well as GLONASS L1 and L2 signals. Moreover, in view of its commitment to continue as the innovator in GNSS technology, the BX982 is also Galileo capable.


Trimble is known for its high quality products. With the introduction of the Trimble BX982 GNSS Receiver Enclosure, it has taken things up a notch.

1. Environmentally Sealed Design

The Trimble BX982 GNSS Receiver Enclosure is specifically designed for users who demand pinpoint accuracy in the harshest of environments. Be it a mountainous range or a desert area, the rugged form factor of the Trimble BX982 GNSS Rugged Receiver Enclosure allows users to depend on it. Also, to further ensure effective use and reliability, the Trimble BX982 GNSS Receiver Enclosure has been rigorously tested.

2. Dual-Antenna

Perhaps the most important feature of the Trimble BX982 GNSS Receiver Rugged Enclosure is the use of two antenna inputs instead of one. Typically, with the use of single antenna GNSS systems, users face problems in determining the positioning of the antenna relative to the targeted object or vehicle, particularly in circumstances when dynamics are low.

While external sensors can be used to solve this problem, external sensors also tend to drift when held still. To solve this problem, Trimble has included two antenna inputs in the BX982 which not only makes for better calculation and accuracy, but it is also economically more suitable.

3. Dual Maxwell 6 Chips

The Trimble BX982 GNSS Receiver Rugged Enclosure comprises dual chips of the tried and tested Maxwell 6 Technology capable of supporting 220 channels for multi-constellation baselines.

4. Ethernet Connectivity

In order to save time and ensure quick data transfer, the BX982 has Ethernet connectivity. Other forms of connectivity include the USB and CAN.

5. Multiple Options

The availability of options such as the Omni STAR VBS, XP, G2 and HP allows the BD982 enclosure module to deliver GNSS performance, even when there is no base station being used, right down to sub-decimeter levels.


The BX982 GNSS enclosure module continues Trimble’s legacy as the industry leader and manufacturer of high quality products. The enclosure module is ideally suited for users who want precise navigation in some of the world\’s toughest environments without compromising on quality or user experience.


The Trimble BX982 GNSS Rugged Receiver Enclosure can be ordered directly from TerrisGPS. Further information (including pricing) can be obtained by completing our Request Pricing form.


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