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GPS Source GLI-METRO-G-RK – GNSS Repeater Kit


The GLI-METRO-G-RK GNSS repeater kit from GPS Source is a complete GNSS amplifier system that includes: GLI-METRO-G, GNSS active antenna, GNSS passive antenna, swivel mount, pole mount, surge suppressor and cabling.



The GLI-METRO-G, the key component of the GLI-METRO-G-RK GNSS repeater kit, is a GNSS smart amplifier, perfect for the commercial and public sector. When used in conjunction with an active GPS/GLONASS antenna, it will pass GPS+GLONASS signals inside a building, hangar or any structure where signal is not accessible. It can be used in an automated test environment or in a shielded room that needs GNSS signal.

GLI-METRO-G has the unique benefit of allowing selection for the power control between signals. A user can easily decide which signal output the GLI-METRO-G will use to control signal power: GPS+GLONASS, GLONASS only or GPS only. This reduces the need for multiple antennas, receive devices and multiple antenna runs, while lowering maintenance and installation costs.

The GLI-METRO-G employs an automatic control to maintain the set output signal level, regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna cable network. Derived from high performance systems for military applications, this device allows precise determination over effective radiated power (ERP) levels, regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna cable network. It will automatically condition the signal and prevent changes in performance.

The GLI-METRO-G will identify and isolate the following:

  • Oscillation condition
  • High gain
  • Low gain
  • Short/Open circuit
  • Internal component failure
  • Less than four satellites
  • No satellites with adequate signal

GLI-Metro-G offers support for present and future GNSS signals, including Galileo, ensuring operation with future devices.

The GLI-METRO-G-RK is only available to qualified parties, which include the following: International Customers (outside the U.S.), agencies of the US Federal Government, parties operating under the direction of the US Federal Government, parties that have received an STA or Experimental License under part 5 of the FCC rules, or parties that will be operating GPS Repeaters in an anechoic chamber.


  • Precise control over output signal level
  • High Frequency Selectivity – Passes GPS, GLONASS & GALILEO frequencies while rejecting other out-of-band signals
  • Continuous Built-In-Testing (BIT)
  • Automatic Oscillation Detection
  • Perfect for aircraft hangars, manufacturing test cells, R & D facilities, any automated test environment or an anechoic chamber
  • Use for any GNSS retransmission application


The GLI-METRO-G-RK GNSS repeater kit from GPS Source can be ordered through TerrisGPS. Please feel free to send us your inquiry using the Request Pricing form if you would like to know more about this kit.

  • METRO-G-RK: Complete L1 GPS/GLONASS System
  • METRO-G-RK-F12: Complete L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS System

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