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Harxon HX-AULT002 Multiband GNSS Automotive Antenna


1x GNSS Antenna L1/L2/L5/B1/B2/G1/G2/E1/E5/E6; 5G 1/2 Antenna 824-960M & 1710-2690M 3.3-3.6G & 4.8-5G; 5G 3/4 Antenna 1710-2690M 3.3-3.6G & 4.8-5G; 2x V2X 5.85-5.925G



The HX-AULT002 multiband GNSS automotive antenna from Harxon seamlessly integrates 5G broadband communication with a multi-constellation multi-band GNSS antenna for reliable precise positioning as well as consistent V2X communication for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). 7 broadband antennas are integrated into one compact enclosure by effectively managing the balance of space and distance among antennas and ensure great isolation performance among different frequencies.

The antenna uses a rugged low profile radome design to minimize the damage from the overhead objects on the road as well as reduce wind resistance for moving vehicles.

The Harxon HX-AULT002 is open for flexible customizable requests such as hardware connector, and LNA and function expandable options, DSRC, C-V2X, UWB, AM/FM and WIFI dual-frequency.


  • Highly integrated automotive antenna for reliable connectivity
  • Pleasing low profile radome design minimizes damage from overhead objects
  • Modular design for easy integration for various requirements
  • Multiple input multiple output(MIMO) design for fast data transmit
  • Rugged housing ensures durability in tough environment as vibration, harsh weather, and high speed travel
  • Customizable V2X LNA and connector available
  • UWB, AM/FM, WIFI dual-frequency antennas available upon customizable request

Technical Specifications

1x GNSS Antenna: L1/L2/L5/B1/B2/G1/G2/E5/E6
5G 1/2 Antenna: 824-960M & 1710-2690M
3.3-3.6G & 4.8-5G
5G 3/4 Antenna: 1710-2690M
3.3-3.6G & 4.8-5G
2x V2X: 5.85-5.925G
Impedance: 50 Ohms
GNSS Polarization: RHCP
5G/V2X Polarization: Linear Polarization
Azimuth Coverage: 360°
5G VSWR: ≤4
V2X VSWR: ≤2.0
GNSS Average Gain: 4.0dBic
5G 1/2 Average Gain: 824M-960M≥35%
5G 3/4 Average Gain: 1710M-2170M≥35%
V2X Average Gain: -1.5dBi
GNSS Phase Center Variation: ≤2.5mm
Isolation: interelement≤-10dB
LNA Gain: 38±2dB
Noise Figure: ≤2dB
Output/Input VSWR: ≤2.0
Passband Ripple: ±2dB
Operation Voltage: +3.3~+12VDC
Operation Current: ≤100mA
Differential Propagation Delay: ≤5ns
V2X Vice LNA: customizable
V2X Vice LNA Operation Voltage: 3.3~12V
V2X Main LNA: customizable
V2X Main LNA Operation Voltage: 3.3~12V
Dimensions: φ135*H57mm – rubber mat/fixed frame not included
FAKRA Connector: universal connector, customizable
Installation: screws fixed
Operation Temperature: -40°C~+85°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C~+105°C
Humidity: 95% no condensation


The HX-AULT002 multiband automotive antenna from Harxon is available through TerrisGPS. Please use the Request Pricing form to contact us for further information.

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