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Harxon HX-CVX606A Ruggedized GNSS Antenna


GPS L1/L2/L5 + GLONASS L1/L2/L3 + Galileo E1/E5a/E5b/E6 + BeiDou B1/B2/B3 + QZSS L1/L2/L5/L6 + IRNSS L5 + SBAS L1/L5 + L-band with 40±2dB Gain



The HX-CVX606A ruggedized GNSS antenna from Harxon is built into an independent aerodynamic enclosure with a metal base, which allows the antenna to be used in high shock and vibration conditions. The HX-CVX606A can provide millimeter-level accuracy with strong anti-interference performance and stable phase center, ideal for surveying in tough environments and in applications including autonomous vehicles and automatic operation.

The HX-CVX606A offers full support for reliable and consistent satellite signals tracking, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS, SBAS as well as L-Band correction services. The IP69K rated housing protects the product from dust, rain, sunlight, high shock and vibration. Its standard TNC-K connector with anti-collision cap design ensures optimal reliability in challenging environments.

It exhibits a very stable phase center variation with advanced multipoint feeding technology, exceptional low elevation satellite tracking with symmetric radiation patterns, high gain with ultralow signal loss, as well as outstanding wide-angle circular polarization (WACP), which ensures excellent positioning accuracy.

The high gain and wide beam width features ensure exceptional low elevation signal tracking performance, which make sure the antenna receives reliable and consistent signals even under harsh environment where blockage exists.

The advanced LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) of the antenna excels in improved signal filtering and out-of-band rejection by restraining unwanted electromagnetic interferences, providing strong anti-interference performance for consistent and reliable GNSS signals and avoiding the risk of loss tracking even under complicated environments such as overcrowded urban areas or communication base stations where profound electromagnetic interference exists.


  • Comprehensive GNSS support: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS, SBAS as well as L-Band correction services
  • Millimeter PCV repeatability(≤2mm)
  • Improved signal filtering and excellent multipath rejection
  • IP69K ruggedized enclosure for tough environments
  • Solid metal base, high shock & vibration resistance

Technical Specifications

GPS: L1, L2, L5
Galileo: E1, E5a, E5b, E6
BeiDou: B1, B2, B3
QZSS: L1, L2, L5, L6
SBAS: L1, L5
L-Band: Yes
Upper Band: 1.525 GHz to 1.615 GHz
Nominal Impedance: 50Ω
Polarization: RHCP
Axial Ratio: ≤3dB
Azimuth Coverage: 360°
Output VSWR: ≤2.0
Peak Gain: 5.5dBi
Low Noise Amplifier
LNA Gain: 40±2dB
Noise Figure: ≤2dB
Output VSWR: ≤2.0
Passband Ripple: ±2dB
Operation Voltage: +3.3~+18VDC
Operation Current: ≤45mA
Differential Propagation Delay: ≤5ns
Dimensions: ¢150×57.3mm
Connector: TNC-K
Weight: ≤800g
Pole Mount: Coarse threaded 5/8-11 in, thread hole depth 14-18 mm
Screw Mount: M8 screws
Operating Temperature: -45 °C to +85 °C
Storage Temperature: -55 °C to +85 °C
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Ingress Protection Rating: IP67, IP69K
Salt Spray: 96h
Vibration: 9.8gRMS, 24-2000Hz
Shock: 3 vertical axis 75Gs, 6ms
EMC (RF Input Static): Connected: 8KV, Air: 15KV, 10 times
Regulatory Compliance: CE FCC ROHS


The HX-CVX606A ruggedized GNSS antenna from Harxon is available through TerrisGPS. Please use the Request Pricing form to contact us for further information.

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