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Septentrio PinPoint-GIS



The Septentrio PinPoint-GIS is a powerful geographical information system (GIS) that allows users to collect data, in a straightforward manner, of accurate and reliable GNSS positioning. What makes it so easy to use is that it empowers you to process the data directly into the database without having to go through intermediary steps.

The Septentrio PinPoint-GIS has two points/elements of GNSS data integration. One is Pinpoint-GIS Web, an interface that links to ArcGIS Online. The other is PinPoint-GIS App, which empowers Android GIS applications that run on your mobile device with accuracy level.


  • Connect to Septentrio receivers through IP, Bluetooth and USB (APS-GeoPod)
  • Accurate position storage
  • Height storage
  • Access to all ArcGIS maps
  • Easy monitoring of the GNSS position error using accuracy widget with custom levels
  • Use of any other GIS application with Android Location Overriding
  • Easy connection setup and prioritization of the order of your preferred connections to Septentrio receivers

Technical Specifications

  • Supported GNSS Receivers: APS-NR2, APS-GeoPod, APS-3, AsteRx4
  • Receiver Configuration: Wifi, Bluetooth, GSM, NTRIP, Antenna height, Logging, Custom configuration
  • Accuracy of GNSS Receivers
    • Centimeter – Horizontal: 0.6+ 0.5 ppm, Vertical: 1cm+ 1ppm
    • Meter (Standalone) – Horizontal: 1.2m, Vertical: 1.9m
    • Sub-Meter (SBAS, DGPS) – Horizontal: 0.4m, Vertical: 0.8m
    • Sub-Meter (PPP – TERRASTAR D) – Horizontal: 0.1m, Vertical: 0.2m


The Septentrio PinPoint-GIS is available through TerrisGPS. Please send us your inquiry by completing the Request Pricing form if you would like more information about this product.

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