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Stonex GeoGisW10 Software


Stonex GeoGisW10 is software for topographic surveying in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications that runs on Windows 10.



GeoGisW10 from Stonex is software for topographic surveying in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications. The ideal operating environment for this software is a Windows 10 Tablet with GPS, camera, modem for a data SIM and a Bluetooth system to allow connection to Stonex GNSS receivers.

Stonex GeoGisW10 allows for quick surveying with metric/decimetric precision as well as more precise topographic surveying when connected to services that offer RTK. Creating a survey file is simple with GeoGisW10 which also allows for post-processing of data for better accuracy.

For every survey, descriptive information may be associated with the elements detected according to a database structure created by the user and/or one or more photographs. The application allows a fly-over on georeferenced raster images or downloaded by Google in real time.

Topographic operations are summarized as:

  • Topographic precision survey with RTK connection via SIM card or with the external GPS, if this available
  • Quick survey of metric/decimetric precision
  • Survey of points, lines, areas and paths
  • Stakeout of points detected or imported from files containing the coordinates
  • Setting the most used reference systems and geoids in the world or localization in the field
  • Tracking of graphically defined lines (bathymetry or similar operations)
  • Export / Import of data in the most used formats in topographic surveys/GIS (eg Shape file).

GIS users are usually involved in data collection and applications but they are less familiar with methodologies and acronyms typical of GPS systems.

This is why GeoGisW10 offers a clean and simple menu structure as well as a number of survey functions that use intuitive terminology.


The Stonex GeoGISW10 is available through TerrisGPS. If you would like more information regarding this software, feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.

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