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Topcon Euro 112T


Based on the small Eurocard format (112mm), the Topcon Euro 112T provides 40-channel tracking for GPS L1/L2, and GLONASS signals. Drawing only 2.7 watts of power, the 112T delivers all of Topcon's exclusive and advanced GPS+ features.



The Topcon Euro 112T draws only 2.7 watts of power and provides all of Topcon’s exclusive and advanced GPS+ features. It includes USB (12Mb/s), Ethernet (10Mb/s), four high speed RS232 serial ports, and on-board power supply.

Based on the small Eurocard format (112mm), this provides tracking of 20 satellites of dual frequency GPS and GLONASS and can be password upgraded to:

  • GD mode (L1 + L2 GPS)
  • GG mode (L1 GPS & GLONASS)
  • GGD mode (L1 + L2 GPS & GLONASS)

Euro 112T Features

Tracking Features

  • 20 satellites, all-in-view, L1 GPS, L1/L2 GPS, L1/L2 GLONASS, L1/L2 GPS + L1/L2 GLONASS, WAAS/MSAS/EGNOS.
  • Cinderella Option.
  • Co-Op Tracking (high satellites help low satellites)
  • Low signal tracking (down to 30 dBHz)
  • Fast acquisition and fast re-acquisition
  • Cold start < 60 sec
  • Warm start < 35 sec
  • Reacquisition < 1 sec
  • Up to 30 g’s of dynamic Advanced Multipath Mitigation

Data Features

  • Up to 20 Hz update rate for real time position and raw data (code and carrier)
  • 10 cm code phase and 0.1 mm carrier phase precision
  • RTCM SC104 versions 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 Input/Output
  • NMEA 0183 versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0 Output
  • Multiple Base RTCM
  • Geoid and Magnetic Variation models
  • RAIM
  • Different DATUMs support
  • Output of grid coordinates
  • CMR and CMR+ support

Survey Accuracy

Dual Frequency:

  • Static, Fast Static
  • Horizontal: 3mm + 1ppm x (baseline length)
  • Vertical: 5mm + 1ppm x (baseline length)
  • Kinematic, RTK
  • Horizontal: 10mm + 1.5ppm x (baseline length)
  • Vertical: 20mm + 1.5ppm x (baseline length)

Data Storage

  • Up to 128 MB of on-board data storage


  • Four high speed RS232 serial ports (up to 460.8 Kbps).
  • Full-speed USB device port (12 Mbps).
  • Two 1PPS outputs (LVTTL) synchronized to GPS, UTC, or GLONASS
  • Two Event inputs
  • MINTER interface:
    Four external LED drivers
    ON/OFF control input External command input
  • Four General Purpose 3.3V CMOS inputs
  • Eight General Purpose 3.3V CMOS outputs
  • Full-duplex 10BASE-T Ethernet port


  • Input supply voltage: 4.75V to 28V
  • Power consumption: 2.7W typical; 3.3W max
  • On-board back-up battery for timekeeping and almanac data storage: 10 years of operation min


  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +75°C
  • Storage Temperature -40°C to +75°C


The Euro 112T receiver board from Topcon is available through TerrisGPS. If you would like more information regarding this product, feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.

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