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Topcon OEM-1 Receiver Board


The Topcon OEM-1 has reached End of Life (EOL).



The compact Topcon OEM-1 Receiver Board utilizes Paradigm G3 technology to provide high accuracy GNSS heading data while using RTK positioning simultaneously to provide RTK positioning down to the centimeter level. It is not only compact and power efficient but able to operate in environments that many other receivers cannot and provides a superior positioning engine.

The Topcon OEM-1 Receiver Board is ideal for applications requiring flexibility and ease of installation as it has comprehensive communication interfaces and robust peripheral support. Further, the Topcon OEM-1 Receiver Board is electrically and mechanically compatible with Topcon’s other 60×100 mm OEM boards, making it ideal for any precise positioning application – whether a new design or retrofit – that requires high dynamic tracking.


  • Easy retrofit for any 60x100mm industry standard form factor
  • Superior Topcon positioning technology
  • State-of-the-art RTK positioning and heading determination (simultaneous 100 Hz data rate)
  • Industry leading hot start initialization in addition to re-acquisition of satellites
  • 72 reliable “all in view” universal channels
  • Dual-frequency L1/L2 code/carrier GPS/GLONASS and SBAS tracking
  • Robust operation under intense vibration and shock environments due to Quartz Lock Loop
  • Effective data exchange via single connector with diverse interfaces (USB, CAN, Serial)
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Software option authorization (OAF) for scalable performance
  • Reduced time to market with a superior Topcon positioning engine


The RTK + Heading GNSS OEM-1 Board supports 72 universal tracking channels and tracks L1 C/A, L2C, L2 P(Y) Code plus carrier GPS signals; L1/L2 code plus carrier GLONASS signals; plus WAAS, MSAS, and EGNOS SBAS signals. The OEM-1 board utilizes an external dual antenna to determine heading via Topcon VISOR technology.

  • L1 C/A, L2C, L2 P(Y) Code and carrier GPS
  • L1/L2 code and carrier GLONASS


The OEM-1 receiver board from Topcon is available through TerrisGPS. If you would like more information regarding this product, feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.

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