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Trimble BD950 GPS Board


The Trimble BD950 GPS Board has reached End of Life (EOL). Suitable replacement products, from Trimble, include the Trimble BD940 and Trimble BD992.



The Trimble BD950 GPS Receiver is the result of Trimble’s continued commitment to making the best navigation applications in the industry. The BD950 GPS receiver is once again a hallmark of Trimble’s seamless integration capabilities, with the Euro card form factor allowing the module to fit into all kinds of hardware applications.

The receiver maintains the accuracy levels that all Trimble receivers possess, being accurate to the centimeter. Although the receiver is suitable for portable devices, it does not sacrifice on reliability, a feature which makes it ideal for both guidance and control applications. In addition, the BD950 receiver has a low power requirement, making it environmentally friendly too.


  • The BD950 is characterized by its compact form factor. The product was designed keeping with portable GPS applications in mind, making it ideal for both custom and specialized hardware.

  • The use of state of the art technology in the construction of the BD950 is apparent. The Trimble Maxwell chip provides enhanced tracking power, which provides high quality tracking in even the most rugged of environments. In addition, the extremely low power requirements (1.5 watts) of the BD950 make it ideal for prolonged use. The heat levels stay low and this enhances the portability of the product.

  • The BD950 has the perfect mixture of accuracy with extremely short response times. The receiver can achieve horizontal accuracies of 20mm and vertical accuracies of 30mm. The latency rate is quite low at 20 milliseconds. For even more precise applications, the BD950 can provide accuracies of up to 10mm, with the latency rate dipping ever so slightly.

  • The BD950 has room for customization too. It has a password upgradable option which can be utilized if need be. The receiver can be converted to a full L1/L2 RTK unit.

  • Since seamless integration is what the BD950 prides itself on, it can be easily integrated into different applications. The receiver allows for multiple configurations to be saved which can then be used for future use.

  • The BD950 can be used with a variety of applications. These feature Agricultural, Marine, Mining, Surveys, Defense and Seismic uses.


The BD950 continues Trimble’s tradition of being the market leader in providing effective navigational solutions. The BD950 is a compact, technologically advanced chip that blends the best of both worlds and is suitable for a variety of purposes and applications.


The Trimble BD950 is available for order at TerrisGPS in a variety of configurations. TerrisGPS ensures it provides the most competitive rates to offer customer delight and guarantee customer satisfaction. The pricing of the product is available by contacting us through our Request Pricing button.

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