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Stanley Robotics Autonomous Outdoor Parking and Valet Robot
Photo Credit: Stanley Robotics


Robotics Company Chooses Trimble BX992 for Centimeter-Level GNSS in Fully Autonomous Parking Valet Robot


Founded in 2015, Stanley Robotics is the creator of Stan, a fully autonomous outdoor parking and valet robot that is now operational at several airports in Europe. The fully autonomous robots paired with an intelligent storage management software allow Stanley Robotics to move cars around these airports with ease and efficiency.


The job of an autonomous parking valet includes moving vehicles with high-precision navigational accuracy. Centimeter-level localization is vital so that these robots are able to navigate the vehicles in a canyon of cars and narrow alleys without damage or injury.


“The robot must move fast to handle high traffic flow and precisely to park cars as densely as possible.
When looking for an accurate, available and reliable localization solution, Trimble is the company name that comes first.”

– Anthony Troublé, Robot Team Manager, Stanley Robotics


For Stan, the team selected a number of Trimble products in order for the robot to attain centimeter-level localization.

  • A Trimble BX992 dual-antenna enclosure is installed inside the robot.

  • Two Trimble AV59 GNSS antennas are mounted on the robot’s head with maximum separation between them.

  • A Trimble BX992 base and a Trimble Zephyr antenna are installed at the drop-off cabins where customers leave their cars until robots move them to a more permanent location. The Trimble BX992 base broadcasts RTK corrections over a WiFi link to the robots.


Watch Stan and the Trimble BX992 in action at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport in France.



Trimble BX992 Dual Antenna GNSS Receiver

Trimble BX992 Dual-Antenna GNSS Receiver


  • The rugged Trimble BX992 enclosure, based on the Trimble BD992-INS dual antenna system, features powerful integrated GNSS and inertial navigation in an environmentally-sealed enclosure built to withstand harsh environments.

  • Supporting triple frequency operation for the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations, Trimble BX992 provides rapid reliable RTK initializations for centimeter-level positioning applications, as well as high-accuracy GNSS/DGNSS positioning in challenging environments such as urban canyons.

  • Like all Trimble products, the Trimble BX992 delivers reliable industry-leading, centimeter-level positioning technology for applications that require high levels of precision. Customers can rely on the accuracy of measurements, positioning, or orientation.

Click the button below to learn more about the Trimble BX992 and how it can help you achieve centimeter-level positioning for your application.






This case study was originally posted by Trimble. Click here to see the full case study.

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