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Vitirover Autonomous Industrial Mower
Photo Credit: Vitirover


Robotics Company Chooses Trimble MB-Two for Centimeter-Level GNSS in Autonomous Industrial Mower


Founded in 2010, Vitirover is a developer of high-precision robotic solutions for industrial vegetation and grass control. The company has created a robot mower to maintain sensitive areas around vineyard vines, which typically have 7,000-12,000 obstacles per hectare. This makes mowing a complex task that requires precision to prevent damage to vines and speed to complete mowing tasks across slopes and counterslopes of many acres.

When asked about the choice of GNSS for navigation, Vitirover’s Chief Technology Officer Xavier David-Beaulieu points to precision and reliability as essential elements.

“We knew we needed high-precision. Our first thought was to use a camera, but grass
and debris on a vision-based system would quickly cover the camera. GNSS was the answer.”

– Xavier David-Beaulieu, Chief Technology Officer, Vitirover

David-Beaulieu was already familiar with GNSS solutions from Ashtech S.A.S., a French-based GNSS developer.

“I’ve used Ashtech boards for a long time and trust them. As part of Trimble, the choice was straightforward.”

When asked about precision, David-Beaulieu noted that standard GNSS have around 1 meter precision, which won’t work for applications such as along a high speed railway or around electrical fields transformers.

“We needed a solution that was very accurate, in the centimeter range. Autonomous operation near a railway,
for instance, requires the robot to operate very accurately between the tracks and the sidewalk.”

The technical team selected the Trimble MB-Two that incorporates the MB-Two Z-Blade technology, which is able to drive the GNSS agnostic engine and acquire over-the-air satellite corrections for RTX through its embedded L-band hardware or get correction from a NTRIP Server for centimeter-level accuracy.


“We needed two GNSS antennas to ensure accurate heading measurements even in areas
with magnetic charge, such as railways. On average, the Vitirover achieves 5 cm accuracy,”

– Xavier David-Beaulieu, Chief Technology Officer, Vitirover


Watch Vitirover and the Trimble MB-Two in action in a vineyard.



Trimble MB-Two OEM GNSS Receiver

Trimble MB-Two OEM GNSS Module


  • The Trimble MB-Two is a powerful dual-frequency, lightweight GNSS receiver capable of providing centimeter-level accuracy position and heading.

  • The system allows a wide range of option-upgradable GNSS configurations from single antenna/frequency (GPS) to dual antenna/frequency (GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo).

  • The next-generation hardware provides low power consumption in a compact form factor ideal for space-constrained unmanned vehicles and robotics.

  • Two MB-Two modules can be easily connected to each other to build a Precise Platform Positioning module (no firmware upgrade required), utilizing up to four dual-band GNSS antennas for multi-sensory raw data output, precise position and attitude simultaneously.

  • Like all Trimble products, the Trimble MB-Two delivers reliable industry-leading, centimeter-level positioning technology for applications that require high levels of precision. Customers can rely on the accuracy of measurements, positioning, or orientation.

Click the button below to learn more about the Trimble MB-Two and how it can help you achieve centimeter-level positioning for your application.






This case study was originally posted by Trimble. Click here to see the full case study.

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